About Us

When you want to look and feel at your best, it’s always better to go with organic skincare.

Nobody knows this better than Organic Rosehip Skincare.

Our company was first founded in 1993 by Nancy Evans. After her son struggled with skin allergies due to harmful chemicals in the environment, Nancy was inspired to create natural skincare products for everyday use. Nancy is our formulator, nutritionist and aromatherapist and makes her own organic preservative.

Organic Rosehip Skincare’s formulas are unique in the world and certified organic. All our products are formulated and manufactured in our Tweed Heads facility. They’re produced in small batches to ensure both freshness and quality. This method is what separates us from other skincare companies.

We only ever use the highest quality and purest ingredients to care for your skin daily. We avoid using petro-chemical preservatives or harmful ingredients at any point during the process.

Benefits of our products

There are numerous benefits of our luxurious herbal skin care including:

Assisting with skin hydration to promote a youthful look


Helps to calm and purify sensitive skin


Smooths fine lines and wrinkels


Suitable for acne prone skin


Brightens skin tone, leaving skin with a healthy complexion and glow


Helps lessen scaring, skin blemishes and increase collagen


Rich in vitamins A, B, C, D & F


Rich in antioxidants

How it started

See us discuss our organic skincare products and learn more about how Organic Rosehip Skincare first got started. We also feature videos on eczema treatment and how to apply our skincare.

Our premium quality herbal skin care products are suitable for all skin types, babies and those with sensitive skin.

Our natural skincare products cover a great range including cleansing lotions, face masks, anti-wrinkle serums, sun care, and much more. You can find our products in our online shop.